Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I POST AN AD ON THE WEBSITE? It's very easy to place an ad here. Just click on the "Post Free Ad" button at the top right corner of the homepage and follow the simple steps to do so. MUST I REGISTER OR SIGNUP BEFORE POSTING AD? Yes, you must become a registered member on the website before you are allowed to create and post ads for sale on it. Registration is free and simple and allows you to manager all your ads in one account. HOW MANY ADS CAN I POST ON THE WEBSITE? Well, for now you can post as many ads as you want as long as you are posting them at the right categories and subcategories of the website. Please note that all random ad postings with disregards to the corresponding categories and subcategories will be deleted and the user might also be banned or blocked. HOW DO I EDIT MY ADS ON THE WEBSITE? Just login to your account via the website and select the ad you want to edit from your profile and click the edit button to be able to do so. HOW DO I RECOVER MY LOST PASSWORD? Just go to the homepage and click the Log In button at the top, then select and click on the "Lost Your Password" and then follow the simple instructions to reset and recover it once again. WHAT DOES IT COST TO ADVERTISE? All ad posting, listing and publication are 100%free throughout the website and will always remain so. You can only pay when you want to use any of our premium ad features to promote your ad on the website in order to make your ad sell faster than others and that’s optional. CAN I MAKE PAYMENTS IN Naira? You can only make a payment for any of the "Premium Packages" in (USD) on this website. However, if you live outside Nigeria and would like to post and promote your ad in "Naira" please visit the sister website at www.nigeriaclassified.ng to make all promotional payments in Naira. HOW MANY AD PICTURES ARE ALLOWED FOR MY AD? You can actually upload between five to ten pictures per ad depending on the type of ad, and the pictures must represent the exact same stuff you are advertising for sale on the website. IF I POST AN AD, WILL I ALSO GET MORE SPAM-MAILS? Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website meaning your privacy is highly shielded and encrypted. HOW LONG WILL MY AD REMAIN ON THE WEBSITE? Premium Ads or Paid Ads will expire on the website after 90 days while all Free Ads expires after 60 days on the website. In general, ads will automatically be deactivated from the website between 60days and 90 days depending on the ad type. You will receive an email one week before the expiry date and another on the exact day of expiration. However, you will have the ability to renew your ad in the following month by login into your account on the website few days before it expires. If you don't, your ad will be automatically removed permanently from the website after the expiration. I HAVE SOLD MY ITEM, HOW DO I DELETE MY AD? Once your product is sold or leased, login to your account to remove or delete your ad as quickly as possible from your account and the website. DOES YOUR COMPANY SELL STUFF ON THE WEBSITE? No, we do not list stuff for sale here! We are only providing the online marketplace platform for buyers and sellers to interact and do business.