Useful Hints

Useful Hints


The vast majority of online ads are posted by honest individuals and businesses who actually own their stuff and wants to sell them as quickly as possible via online advertisement on websites. Having said this, it is still very important for the would be buyers be very careful and vigilant, and use his or her common sense and judgements to be able to determine what is real or not, and therefore do everything possible to avoid being duped or scammed innocently.

 Again, be advised that most scammers operate online and may actually disguise themselves as genuine buyer sand sellers so be very careful with people you approach, contact or try to deal with when it comes to all buying and selling activities via the internet marketplaces such as here.


Do business with only the people whom you can meet face to face with in a public place.

Never attempt meeting up at remote places especially at nights no matter how good it sounds.

Never send money by Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal or other anonymous payment systems.

Never send money or products abroad if asked to do so but simply decline by saying no and walk away.

Do not accept or send checks and bank drafts as an advance payment no matter whatever circumstances.

Ask about the person you're dealing with another confirming source name, address and telephone number.

Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person whom you dealing with.

If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chance it's a scam so immediately stop and never go further.

If you receive any emails or text messages with a purported payment link you should use for payment please stop.


Whenever asked to provide your personal and sensitive information.

Whenever you hear the person is based abroad or traveling abroad.

Whenever the person refuses to meet you in person and also publicly.

Whenever a payment demand is by Western Union, Money Gram or check.

Whenever the messages are in broken language either in English or French.

Whenever the texts messages seem to be copied and pasted.

Whenever the deal or the offer seems to be too good to be true.


1. Meet the seller at a public place only!

2. Check the items for sale before you buy!

3. Pay only after collecting the item from the seller!

4. Never send money by any means in advance before meeting!

5. If the sellers prefer a meeting point and location that sounds suspicious do not go!

6. When the seller keeps contacting you with a different number from the ad just stay away!

7. If the seller keeps changing the initial meeting point as agreed by both of you just walk away!

8. When you start receiving funny job offers and contract proposals just avoid meeting up with the seller!

9. If the seller is trying to offer you something different from the original ad he or she posted on the website stay away!

10. When you start receiving other forms of business proposals from the seller after inquiring about his other ad simply stay away!

 Note: We are doing everything possible to keep this marketplace safe and secured at all times but needs your assistance to stop people with bad intentions from using this platform to engage in other forms of activities. Report any suspicious ad and offers as soon as possible so we can block the seller and remove the ad from the website immediately. Again, always use your minds to judge between what is genuine,good or bad before contacting any seller. If it sounds too good to be real just walk away safely.

 Remember we do not sell or offer stuff for sale on the website so be very careful and try using your best sense of judgements when dealing with the sellers at all times. We are not responsible for any form of transaction between buyers and sellers and will not be held liable for anything that goes wrong between the buyer and the seller so shop with precautions always!!!